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Happiness and sorrow are two faces of the same coin. As for the life goes, both complications and peace of mind go hand in hand. While, there might be a bag full of cherished moments, you may have to come across situations that leave you distressed and broken. Being humans we have a control over our lives up to a certain extent, beyond which all is ruled by the universal powers. Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that we can’t govern these ubiquitous influences but work in favor of them to improve our life conditions.

Vedic Astrology serves as a platform to reach for these universal powers and transform our negative life state. According to Vedic sciences, planets play an important role in shaping an individual’s life. Each of the planet has its own role, importance and encompasses varied phases of life on Earth. Deepak Ji adds that the position of the planets during an individual’s birth decides their effect on the person’s life. Depending upon the placement of the planets in a particular house, it  may bring about positivity, while for a few it may cause detrimental effects.

The placement of the planets can’t be changed but one can adopt significant astrological remedies to nullify the impact of malefic or weak planets. Most often the concept of malefic planets is taken into consideration, however, it is necessary to strengthen the weak planets in a person’s Kundali.

This blog throws light on one such major topic of discussion, Astrological remedies for weak Sun. Read further to know more about the importance of planet Sun, the physical signs that denote your Sun is weak and the remedies to empower your Sun.

Sun in Astrology

What is the Role and Importance of Sun in Astrology?

Before stepping on to the role played by the Sun in astrology, let’s consider its importance for the existence of life. Sun is one of the major elements related to the sustenance of life on Earth. He is considered as an almighty source of power and energy. With the vigor to burn himself and illuminate other planets, lives, Sun is the soul of the universe. The importance can be well understood with the fact that his presence enlightens the day, bright and blooming, and his absence calls for a dark night.

The science of astrology considers Sun as a supreme power that bestows determination, confidence, willpower and makes an individual visionary. Vedic Astrology acknowledges Sun as the king of all planets, while Lal Kitab describes it as the lord of all planets. The Hindu mythology pronounces Sun as Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the universe.

Master Deepak Ji explains that the positive impact of Sun in your life will bring about fame, name, success, wisdom, wealth and honor. However, his ill-impact may transform you into an over ambitious, egoistic, unpredictable, temperamental and jealous person.

Role and Importance of Sun in Astrology

Why does it matter if your Sun is weak?

Deepak Ji states that more often seekers inquire as to “how does a weak Sun affects your life?”. He explains the reason behind the concept in a very significant manner and correlates it well with astrology. Read below to know more…..

Sun is considered to control your divine center that is the conscious mind. A wavery mind is equivalent to an unstable life condition.

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is symbolized by a charioteer holding the reins of the other horses. As Sun is considered to be the king of all planets, assume these horses to be the other planets. Imagine the chariot being run by a weak charioteer and suspect the consequences. The answer is straightforward, the resulting situation will be surrounded by all sorts of difficulties; the chariot may go in a wrong direction, it may overturn or dragged. Similar, is the case when your life is affected by a weak Sun.

Deepak Ji emphasizes that as Sun is one of the most important planets, you must implement suggested remedies to overcome the ill effects of its weak position and to ensure a comfortable life.

Ill effects of Sun according to its positioning

Before detailing about the signs of a weak Sun and the remedies to strengthen it, Astrologer Deepak Ji focuses on the placement of the planet in different houses that can cause negative impact on your life.

  • 1st house:  In this particular house, Sun can create health problems for the individual
  • 2nd house:  He can be unfavorable for the family and its comforts
  • 6th house: The positioning will not be positive for the sisters and daughters of the native
  • 7th house:  Sun may cause disharmony with wife
  • 9th house:  The placement in this house can create problems with the forefathers and might withdraw the individual from their properties
  • 10th house: The Sun can be unfavorable for the father of the person
  • 12th house:  Can create problems with the sleep of the native

signs of a weak Sun and the remedies to make it strong

Symptoms of Weak Sun 

Master Deepak Ji asserts that often people are not sure if their Sun is weak or not. He suggests that there are specific symptoms or signs exhibited, if the Sun is weak or malefic in your birth chart.

Below mentioned are few of the indications that will help you decide:

  • An inauspicious Sun leaves you weak, tired that can causes the body parts to become loose and limping. Thus, the body is unable to function properly
  • Possibility of some kind of physical disorder
  • Sun is considered to be the Karak of the bones, thus, a weak sun can result in problems related to bones
  • Frequent numbness in hands or legs
  • An afflicted or weak Sun causes weak eyesight and problem of colorblindness
  • Low confidence, socially inactive, inferiority complex, pessimistic approach are common signs of less strong Sun
  • A weak Sun may cause ailments related to the heart like frequent heart attacks
  • Insecurity about respect, position in the society and a poor life condition are resultant of an afflicted Sun
  • The unfavorable effects of the sun might trap a person in illegal activities such as stealing or punishment.
  • Irregular blood circulation
  • An afflicted Sun may cause paralysis, other diseases and sufferings.
  • An inauspicious Sun might cause the individual to face a miserable and disease-ridden childhood.
  • The inauspicious effects of the Sun may bring about obstacles in tasks related to government.
  • An inauspicious Sun might be the cause of disharmony between father and son. Native may be deprived of his father’s love.

In order to determine the specific ill-effects of Sun, Deepak ji thoroughly studies the horoscope of an individual and accordingly suggests the remedies.

Remedies for Weak Sun

If you have experienced any of the indications discussed above, there are high chances that your life condition is affected by a weak or malefic Sun. It is necessary to put in efforts in order to empower your Sun and thus, your life condition.

Master Deepak Ji suggests a few of the common remedies that one can follow to deal with weak Sun in horoscope:Remedies for Weak Sun

  • Ensure that before starting anything new, you consume a glass of water with sugar mixed in it
  • Feed cow with wheat and jaggery
  • One of the best ways to alleviate the bad effects of Sun is by respecting and serving your father
  • Offer water to sun at the time of sunrise. Sunrays at this time are positive and very helpful
  • Perform Surya Namaskar. This will not even strengthen the weak Sun but also help you stay healthy.
  • If your sun is weak, prefer wearing Ruby in a specific metal on an auspicious day
  • Try to make donations on Sunday. You can donate jaggery, wheat, copper etc.
  • Observe fast on every Sunday.
  • For 43 days, set jaggery afloat in water
  • Consistent chanting of Gayatri Mantra is highly recommended to make the Sun favorable The positive energy emitted by chanting this mantra will help you in increasing the favorable effects of Sun
  • To alleviate the malefic effects of Sun, wear root of Bel tree in white thread around your neck
  • You can overcome the unfavorable Sun by feeding wheat to red ants every day
  • Feed and serve a black cow to attain good results and benefits of an auspicious Sun
  • To reduce the ill-effects of an inauspicious Sun, avoid taking anything for free.

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