What is Spiritual Awakening?

In a world full of lies, illusions, materialism and bluffs, an individual usually forgets who they actually are and start living a completely different life. They start following a path that deviates them from their own-self. Life, sometimes, directs you on a false path that brings about emptiness in life and cravings for materialistic things, including money, fame and power. In an attempt to find happiness, you switch to impractical world that separates your from own soul. But you need to be wise enough to hear your inner voice and stand up to walk on a realistic path.

Spiritual Awakening is the point, when you realize the need of exploring yourself to reunite with ownself. The way to spiritual enlightenment is confusing, unfriendly but the outcome would be a pleasant and beautiful experience. You will cherish this experience for lifetime.

Astrologer Master Deepak Ji explains no matter from where you start to search for the answers to realism, you will seek them within yourself.

How to awaken oneself spiritually?

Answering the question, Master Deepak Ji states the process of spiritual enlightenment or awakening is natural. When you reach that saturation point, where your inner sense grows to become stronger and mature and you begin feeling the falseness around you, you tend to walk on the path of spirituality. The more you start connecting with your inner self and soul, the more stronger will be your thirst for spirituality and better the transformation.


While experiencing spiritual awakening, you will naturally be put through deepest questions of life that you have been ignoring so far or scared to face. The positive end to this is you will seek answers to these questions to achieve a higher state of life. You will gain a positive and detailed approach towards life and realize that life is more than what you have desired for so far.

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What activates the zeal for spiritual awakening?

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji suggests there is no single answer to support this question, it completely varies from an individual to individual and their circumstances.

You may sit up the next morning and might crave to be spiritually awakened. Generally speaking, spiritual awakening may happen at any point or phase of life. Most of the times, such an enlightenment is considered spontaneous, however, it may be an outcome of major turnaround in life, health concerns, accidents, tragedies and many more.

If you are someone, who indulges in deep thoughts and is affected by the pain of others, you are likely to experience spiritual awakening soon. Such incidents in life often tend to drive an individual to attain a divine wisdom.


Signs of Spiritual Awakening:

There are several signs that you may experience that relate to spiritual awakening. You may encounter these symptoms emotionally, physically or psychologically.

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Master Deepak Ji lists out a few of the most common signs of spiritual awakening:

  1. The feeling that something has transformed within you

This is an emotional turmoil, which is realistic. You can feel a completely different sensation running through you internally. You can’t explain the change but can feel the difference withing yourself. You have transformed to an entirely new you. You feel happy and satisfied to encounter truth but moving out of your comfort zone may scare you at times. However, now you can feel the clarity gained in life.

  1. Moving beyond your negativities:

You gain a know-how of your negative habits. You get a realization of all the bad activities that you were a part of and no longer wish to continue them. You are happy to accept the new you and bring about that big change in yourself. You get closer to truth and free yourself from the illusionary world you were living in.

  1. Not to withstand something artificial and shallow:

You no longer wish to spend your time with shallow and superficial people. They were once your favorites and you enjoyed their company but now you avoid being with such people. You look out for a company that is more authentic and real. You prefer hanging out in places which portray simplicity and are genuine. You start growing spiritually and begin cutting yourself from hypocrisy.

  1. Deep concern about the sufferings around you:

You are affected by the people suffering around you. The pain of these people, their despair and sadness leaves you in deep thoughts. You are concerned about them and suddenly feel a sense of responsibility towards these people. The sufferings might even leave you in depression at times. However, ultimately you are being made strong and responsible.

  1. Ready to accept truth about yourself and transform to the real you:

You have moved past the restrictions of society and others. You have put the mask you had wore to impress the outer world. You no longer live a life ruled by others and to impress others. Now you show them the real you and who you actually are. You lead a life which signifies happiness and fulfillment.



Spiritual awakening will definitely lead you to live a better life. However, the way to that path is extremely painful and unsettling. Jyotish Master Deepak Ji emphasizes it is beneficiary to face a few obstacles to correct your upside down life. The final outcome of spiritual awakening will completely transform you to someone who is settled and leads a happy and blissful life.

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