She is adorable, beautiful, drives you insane, completes a home, leads a corporate team and many more such qualities describes a woman. While every woman carries her own set of qualities, they possess a few common traits. Most men tag women as those “complicated personalities hard to understand”. Many a times, her silence is considered as the onset of a storm and if she is not quarreling or arguing, something is definitely wrong with her. In fact a woman’s emotional reactions leave most of the men surprised, astonished or puzzled.

Master Deepak Ji, a well known personality in the sphere of vedic astrology, in a realm to uncover the mysteries behind personality traits of women, claims that each woman possess certain qualities and negatives that are resultant of their zodiac signs. A sun sign will lay an impact on the attitude and perspective of a woman towards life.

Guru deepak ji explains a few of the most prominent peculiarities of a woman in accordance with their zodiac signs:


  • She is an Arian, expect her to be straightforward and honest.
  • The Aries female is someone who prefers to remain relaxed and accept a situation, instead of trying to gain control over it.
  • She likes being around with people who can cope up with her geared lifestyle.
  • Having her as a partner means you are building a bond that is based on loyalty and sincerity. She is not someone who will deceive or betray you.
  • This Aries woman is independent and believes in taking charge of her life.

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  • Don’t bother to disturb her when she asks to be left alone or be prepared for the consequences. She wants her personal space and time to clear the mind and stabilize.
  • Taurus women are patient and easy going with things.
  • They are secretive at times, you might not know what exactly is cooking in their mind and going inside their hearts.
  • The bull woman will never forget her first love.
  • They are the best in handling even the most worst conditions, high-spirited and unmatched strength marks their bold nature.

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  • A Gemini woman is indeed a complicated personality to understand.
  • Her zodiac symbolizes twins and believe it that stays true for her personality too. She carries a dual and changeable nature. Within a fraction of second, she can change things around, then be it her own decisions.
  • She possess the ability to multitask, it’s in her nature to successfully carry out two things at the same time.
  • Being a Gemini, she will put in efforts till her limit of trying, crossing those, she might not even bother to say a goodbye sometimes.
  • You need to impress her mind in order to win her heart.

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  • A cancerian woman will never turn her back on someone they love just for the sake of others. Then be it like standing against the world.
  • She can be the most sensitive person you ever met, on the other hand, she might be the toughest of all to handle.
  • Her passion can dwell strength and endurance within her, while the same passion can bring trouble for her.
  • She might just be the most genuine lady you have encountered so far.
  • Don’t dare to hide things from her, she is smart enough to judge that you’re hiding things and smarter to make sure you speak out the truth.


  • This Lioness is fiercely independent and hate asking for favors.
  • She loves to gather limelight and be the main attraction on the stage, then be it through lots of drama and tantrums.
  • When dating a Leo woman, all you will find is loyalty and love. You will never have to look back for them.
  • She might say a lot of things when she is angry, but regrets and feels sorry later.
  • Leo women be like Hell I don’t care but you need to and should be.

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  • She has a practical approach but is fussy, yet people call her methodical. Her capabilities help her deal with the most impractical situation.
  • A Virgo woman is impatient and want what they desire right away.
  • She maybe graceful but feel open to talk about anything with her, she is simply that broad minded personality.
  • They will be able to notice something so peculiar in you that others might have failed to acknowledge even.
  • She will see your positives and negatives but still adore you regardless.

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  • A Libran woman will prioritize her family, children and lover even before herself.
  • She will leave a significant impact on your life that will make it hard for you to forget her.
  • A Libra woman is born with the capability to create a sense of harmony and balance.
  • You would know a libran female only to the extent they allow you to know, beyond that don’t mistake to say ‘you know her well’.
  • She is adored by many, has n number of friends and a very few enemies.


  • She is moody, intuitive, mysterious and sometimes will try to take control but that by no chance means she is not caring and gentle.
  • A Scorpion woman will never forget the kind deeds of someone and repay in a very generous manner. But the same goes in case of those who betray her, you better be prepared for the revenge.
  • She won’t disclose her personal details just like that, her secrets are only close to her.
  • If something is unappealing to her, she will definitely let you know either through her facial expressions or then be it verbally.
  • She might want you but then beware she does not need you.

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  • She is a free spirit, her aura is contagious; you simply can feel that vigor while conversing with her.
  • A Sagittarian woman can’t be tamed, she wants to discover even the minutest inch of anything and everything. Being adventurous, this life is a venture for her to explore.
  • Please don’t expect her to follow the same boring routine, she needs a constant change.
  • She is least bothered about the consequences of her own decisions and actions. She simply is like I hell don’t care.
  • She can actually dare to laugh through any kind of bullshit, only a special person can seek her vulnerable side.


  • Many consider a Capricorn female an introvert because of her nature that is not so open with everyone and she is not expressive but the things are other way round. She is strong minded and firm on her decisions.
  • She is mostly calm and composed, hardly loses her temper but if enraged then better be prepared for what comes next.
  • A Capricorn female is the best friend you can earn in life.
  • She will confess if she loves you, not someone who will beat around the bush.
  • Being a Capricorn, romance is in her traits, she dreams of a romantic dance with you under the moonlight.

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  • An Aquarian woman is someone who carries the most unique personality of all the zodiac signs.
  • She loves to search for a best friend and soulmate in the same person.
  • Hurt her and she will turn cold and heartless for you, instead of getting emotional.
  • Better don’t make her wait, she hates to wait. She is always in a rush.
  • You both might not meet often but then she loves you, is sincere for you and her mind is always occupied by your thoughts.


  • She is gentle in her nature, builds dreams, is mysterious and spiritual; she is a Pisces woman.
  • A Pisces female will not bother how you look but she definitely cares and is interested in other matters to strengthen and deepen the bond.
  • She has a complement in store for you only if you deserve that, unless don’t expect a false hope.
  • You may have fallen for her sweet look and shy nature but she has a wild side that might be interesting too.
  • She may seem naive but behind the scene is someone who is an excellent thinker and a creative mind.

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