Sexual Abuse is heating up the breeze and has been a global issue from so long. Rape, unwilling sex, groping or other similar forms of harassment come under sexual abuse. A majority of victims take up the pain and agony silently while very few gather the confidence to report the incident and get the culprits punished.

As per Deepak Ji, astrology provides many clues, revelations related to various incidents, instant changes, various cases like sudden death, getting defamed, harassment, sexual abuse, violence in your life. Your birth chart is a unique blueprint of not only your life but that of your grandparents, parents, and children. As per him, the cases of sexual abuse may occur due to the positioning of the stars and planets.

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  • The presence of grahas like rahu, sun, mars, shani and descending moon in the 4th house of the natal birth chart. The problem comes when these grahas take the role of owning any bad houses
  • The presence of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house lord in the 4th house
  • The presence of Maraka Graha or Pathaga Graha in the 4th house
  • The problem arises when these planets are transversing in the 22nd Nakshatra or the 88th path from the person’s Janam Nakshtra
  • If these planets are in association with Rahu/Venus

Astrology marks that planet ‘Venus’ is known for love, romance, sex, beauty and it would be preferably correct to include that ‘Venus’ governs all the sexual matters. It owns two zodiac signs i.e Libra and Taurus.

The placement of the planet in a particular nakshatra/house/sign can make us aware as what type of emotions an individual holds. These emotions may be pure or also may harm anyone or could also get harmed from anyone may be sexually, emotionally or physically.

As per the Master Deepak Ji, sexual abuse can cause mental, emotional and physical trauma to all those victims that may include women, children or even males. He helps the sexually abused and traumatized women or the victim by providing them spiritual awakening lessons, by personally conversing with them or by providing the simple remedies so that they may gradually calm down their emotions and come back to their previous routine.

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Not only majority of people but also  Guru Deepak Ji actively supports women empowerment and feels that such culprits must be put in jail and punished as per the law. He has always tried to serve mankind, help those sexually abused victims to gather all the power, courage to believe in themselves and lead their life successfully. The best vedic astrologer believes in promoting happiness, well being and prosperity among the society by his divine astrological beliefs and studies.

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