Every human has a funny side to their personality. And why not being hilarious, a good sense of humor, is an elementary trait every individual should possess. According to Astrologer Guru Master Deepak Ji, the zodiac sign of a person has a role to play in their fun loving nature.

Dive-in to get a glimpse of interesting facts about your zodiac sign that even you might not know….



  • Master Deepak Ji says – Don’t mess with them, they know themselves better than you do..
  • 90% of the times, their mood is like “Please don’t wreck my aura”
  • It is really straightforward for them, you either show up or keep your mouth shut.
  • Don’t dare to mess with an Aries woman, she will drag you to hell and mind you she will do it carrying that contagious smile on her face.
  • When an Aries shows up, better stay out of their way.



  • These guys have a high tolerance for any sh*t, but if you exceed that limit, you better be prepared for the consequences.
  • They are carefree. You might think, they are thinking about something serious but in reality they are sh*t worried just about they are eating for lunch.
  • You can never think of breaking these people, they are hard core fighters. They will fight beyond you can even imagine.
  • You better be least dramatic with them, they wouldn’t prefer hanging out with you ever again if you are that so called “melodramatic”.
  • Master Deepak Ji says – The funniest part about them is if they are making fun of you, believe it, it simply means they are protecting you.

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  • Don’t bother yourself to judge if a Gemini loves you or not. Be patient and calm to get the answer.
  • They don’t need your silly jokes to give them happiness, they are enough for themselves.
  • These guys are hell of smart, they will sit in a corner and just think,     mind you for them this is an exercise for their brains.
  • If they pull themselves first while you are kissing, then be assured you have blown it.
  • Geminis are passionate, they would relish to indulge in healthy flirting with you.



  • Cancerians are shy people, but give them 2 shots and you will laugh out loud seeing what happens.
  • These guys are f*cking foodies, love eating but hate sharing. So, feel yourself privileged and lucky, if they share their food with you.
  • You better don’t lie to them, these super smart fellas to judge you well. Better be what you are in front of them.
  • Messing with a Cancerian…OK Fine! Thinking to wreck their family or friends, stay back, hold on….they will burn you down.
  • You preferably start to adjust with your cancerian partner mood swings, they are like that.

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leo Horoscopes-2017


  • Master Deepak Ji says – Don’t be impatient to judge a Leo. They are sort of choosy and take time to get comfortable with you.
  • Don’t dare to screw with them. From the most sweetest person on Earth, they can turn to someone who is way too rude to handle.
  • One word to explain a Leo’s personality: Amazing
  • They love imagination and fantasy world.
  • They are full of affection and love. If you are the partner, don’t be surprised if they spend the whole day wrapped in your arms.



  • If you are lucky enough, you might get to see the wild side of Virgos.
  • Virgos     are the sole inventors of the so called “Plan B”. They will always have a backup plan, if you ditch on the last moment.
  • Count on these fellas for a true opinion regarding any topic, beware it might even hurt as they would speak the truth.
  • They can’t tolerate any sort of bullsh*t. They will leave at the first sight of it.
  • Virgos     strongly believe in themselves. So don’t think they will fight back during an argument or even try to explain things.

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  • You will be lucky to have them as your partner. They will be there for you each time you need them.
  • These guys are quick to fall, will forgive easily, care for someone like anything but definitely this s*cks at times.
  • Funny     but at times a Libra will become their own worst enemy.
  • You don’t have a logic to support your conversation, sorry these guys have no time for such useless talks.
  • They are bad at making decisions, their minds fluctuate like a switch.



  • Master Deepak Ji says – Simply be transparent, don’t hide things and speak the truth, this what a Scorpio looks for in their love partner.
  • These guys are too hard to be predicted. You can’t read their face to tell about their qualities.
  • Try these fellas only if you are ready for a commitment, else better keep that distance.
  • Don’t even think about f*cking with them, they are like the two ends of a string.
  • Don’t bother to play a question hour with these people, they are least interested.



  • Trying     to tame a Sagittarian, not worth the efforts, they love to be set free.
  • Don’t be astonished to check their reserves of memories. They can relate to something that might have happened ages ago.
  • They are honest and hate those sugar-coated and sweet talks. Better be straightforward with them.
  • Sagittarians can be freaks, crazy, wild on one hand and on the other maintain their tradition.
  • Short-tempered but the best part their anger vanishes within seconds.

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  • If you are an attention seeker, expect nothing from Capricorns.
  • You might not like their honesty. They will cook up conversation in a funny manner to speak out the truth.
  • Messed up with a Capricorn, watch out for the hard time coming your way.
  • They can be the funniest people to hang out with in a party.
  • Allow them to amaze you and you will get a crazy Capricorn in turn.


  • They don’t give a damn about what people think of them; they will present themselves the way they want to.
  • Master Deepak Ji says – At the end of the day, they need time for themselves to think     over their actions carried out in the day.
  • Don’t call for problems by judging an Aquarius before you actually know about them.
  • Don’t even think of controlling them, they will break all rules to make you understand where you stand.
  • If you like being rough in the bedroom, you will love to be accompanied by an Aquarius partner.


  • They might forget what they wore yesterday but will never forget what you     did with them ages ago.
  • You will find them funny, believe it, that is their secret weapon.
  • They don’t have the time or even bother to argue with you, they prefer being silent and let you think what you wish to.
  • Master Deepak Ji says – They will stand by your side for lifetime if you are able to win their     trust and friendship.
  • They are good at judging people and with time, can make out your weakness.

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