Karam Aur Kismat Konnection EP#2  –   Master Deepak Ji with Isha Kopikar

As we all know Sun is the biggest star and an utmost source of light and energy in the universe. In accordance with Vedic astrology, Sun is also considered as the center of extreme power and reason behind the occurrence of life on Earth. Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji explains that astrologically speaking Sun is known as MahaPita or in simple words, father of the solar system and Earth is the daughter of Sun.

That’s why Solar System is also called “Solar Family”. In this way, all the nine heavenly bodies present in the universe along with Rahu, Ketu and Moon are members of the Solar family. These incredible bodies have a huge impact on an individual’s life. Today we will discuss What is the Role of the Sun in Your Zodiac Sign.

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Sun And Zodiac Signs:

The Sun visits each sign for a month and thus takes a year to complete his journey through all the twelve signs.  Through this time period, if he stays in favorable place in the horoscope, it provides power, position and popularity to his native.  Ruling Sign of Sun is Leo and he governs fifth house in the houses of the wheel.


Friendly and Enemy Planets:

Master Deepak Ji describes the nature and behavior of planets in a very simple way. Like we humans develop strong bonding with some people and have clashes with a few, same happens with planets. A planet can also like or dislike other neighbor planets. In the case of Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Moon are considered to be benefic planets, while, Saturn and Venus are enemies. Mercury is neutral with Sun.


Well, the almighty Sun is a God known for his blessings of powerful soul, bright future, fame and reputation. If Sun is not in favorable position in the horoscope or causing any harming effects, one can wear Rubi, also referred as Manik in the Ring finger to heal their malefic planet and making him stronger.

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Body Rulership by Sun

Eyes are the most important body part ruled by Sun. Other parts are Bones, Chest, Lungs and Brain. Sun with his wrong position in horoscope is responsible for weak eyesight, weakness in bones, palpitation, headache and heart diseases.

Vedic Remedies to Cure Malefic Effects Of Sun 

  • Lord Sun is worshipped on Sunday. So one can wake up early in the morning between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and give water to the sun in a metallic utensil made of gold or copper.
  • Regularly offering water can even change your luck and give you more benefits.
  • Respect your father and never argue or fight with them if your Sun is in lower dignity house. As Sun is recognized as father of the solar family, so you can please him by respecting your father.
  • Before leaving home, never forget to touch the feet of your elders and take their  blessings.
  • In the workplace, respect your boss and try to fulfill all responsibilities. Boss is the person who gives you salary and in old times, the one you work for was known as Annadata.  It becomes really important to keep your boss happy and satisfied.
  • Enchant Surya Mantra for 108 times daily, starting from Sunday.
  • Wearing Ruby can help you heal Sun and bring positivity for you and your family.

These are very simple and effective tips suggested by guruji. Keep following them in above-mentioned way. And yes, Master Deepak Ji highly recommend to continue these remedies for at least 43 days.



Celebrity Time

This time the show welcomed the most sensational, talented and beautiful actress Isha Kopikar.  She asked Master Deepak Ji that everyone is known to Lal Kitab and its remedies. Can he put some light on its importance?

Guruji beautifully told that Lal Kitab is an ancient vedic book with remarkable remedies that bring you closer to nature.He said that the human body is composed of five elements – air, water, fire, earth and space. If the body is lacking in any of these five elements, then this excellent book provides an insight to all the natural healing methods to fulfill mask the created gap.

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Moverover, Lal Kitab is a source to cure many planetary malefic effects. According to Master Deepak Ji, one should always worship trees and plants as all the three gods i.e. Tridev Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva reside in them. Lord Brahma for life, Lord Vishnu for existence and Lord Shiva for death. An individual should practice the majestic remedies in order to live a peaceful and stress-free life.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is an expert in predictive sciences and his experience consists of deep observation and study of houses, planets and vedic astrology.  Guruji suggests very easily performable remedies like Mantras, Puja, charity or danaas and offering prayers to the divine God. If you want to learn more about astrological facts that are helpful to stay a harmonious life, keep reading our blogs.

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